Feast of the Martyrs

The Feast Day of the Blessed Martyrs of Peru Ÿ 
On February 24, 2016, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments granted the Order’s request to transfer the feast day of Blessed Michał Tomaszek and Zbigniew Strzałkowski from August 9, the day they died, to June 7, the day in 1986 when Michał was ordained a deacon and Zbigniew was ordained a priest. This celebration is ranked as an optional memorial according to the provisions of the Congregations, dated May 21, 1999, regarding celebrations of the Blessed ‘De cultu beatorum’. This means that every friar who wishes to celebrate the feast day may do so ad libitum [at one’s pleasure] in his own church/friary as a memorial. At the site of the death and burial of the Blessed (Pariacoto, Peru), their feast day shall be celebrated as an obligatory memorial. In churches dedicated to them (which requires the explicit permission of the same Congregation), their liturgical memorial shall be celebrated as a feast.
 Angelo Paleri, OFM Conv., Postulator General